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I watched this dude play at bamboozle and needless to say it was ridiculous.  Averi if you see this, this was the dude I was talking about

New song by my band Life Between Sleep!  Please take a few minutes and listen to it, it’d mean a lot to me!  Reblog it if ya can ;)

Dear tumblr friends..

Take one minute out of your day and PLEASE vote for my band Life Between Sleep to play this years Bonnaroo festival.  

Go here:

And click vote.. then you need to like the Bonnaroo facebook page WHICH ALSO ENTERS YOU IN TO WIN TWO FREE TICKETS and then your vote counts!!!!

Please help out and reblog this.

Love you

Me: Why do we have an autographed Score 24 poster in here?
Luke: We ran out of toilet paper.
aw u guys are cute

Watch this video!  Song Life Between Sleep wrote about Invisible Children and all the fucked up shiz that goes on Africa! I GUARANTEE you’ll like it!  Please reblog too!!

Ok this really is a coincidence by my band Life Between Sleep actually wrote a song a few months ago about Invisible Children and their fight to end violence in Africa.  With the rising Joseph Kony popularity we figured what better time to release it than now!  This song means a lot to us so if you could please take a few minutes of your day to click the link above and listen to it it’d be greatly appreciated!!  And reblog/reposting it would surely make my day!  


Soooooooo good